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Product innovation
Our innovation has to be sustainable and strive after constant product improvement. The target is to obtain better refined mineral raw materials that allow our customers to produce better end-products. Henceforth, close collaboration with our customers as well as the centres of expertise is of key importance.

The ‘Centre of Expertise Lab’ at Sibelco, with its experienced team of chemists and geologists, forms the basis of successful developments on a geological, process-technical and product innovative level.

A few projects:

 High purity silica sand increases the transparency of glass. This provides major benefits
   e.g. in combination with sun-resistant coatings on car glass and architectural glass.

 Removing dust from ground mineral products creates technical advantages in various
   sectors: filtration, coatings, polymers, etc

 Strict limits of the coarse fraction in micro-fine products makes it possible to use natural
   minerals for applications for which only synthetic minerals were usable in the past.
   A prime example of this is antiblock..