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XZ : a blend of sand and zeolite
Our new product XZ, a blend of our top dressing sand and zeolite, has recently been successfully introduced in the area of natural playing surfaces such as golf. The young green treated with XZ clearly shows less red fescue* than comparable greens.

XZ provides a higher added value than top dressing sand, especially thanks to its capacity to absorb and release (important in dry climates) nutrients and water.

In the short term the grass becomes stronger and less susceptible to diseases. In the long term the cost effectiveness will become obvious since less fertilizers and water are required. Maintenance needs are also reduced. XZ will be easily applied and in one go.

* There are three types of red fescue, considered as weed : chewings fescue (festuca rubra commutata), slender creeping red fescue (festuca rubra trichophylla), and strong creeping red fescue (festuca rubra rubra). It thrives on clay ground, can prevail on poorer soil and tolerates shade quite well. A slight decolouration may occur in case of draught, but it recovers quite easily.