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Participation Middle East Coatings Show
From February 27th until March 1st Sibelco exhibited at the Middle East Coatings Show in Dubai World Trade Center.

We presented our complete filler & extender program, with the most recent developments in various coatings applications.

Sibelite® has become a main extender for road marking paint applications, as for textured paints and hydrophobous façade paints. The most important developments include the use as matting extender, as well in decorative wall paints as in powder coatings.

Sikron® and Millisil® are ground silica products, with a long tradition as high performance filler in marine paints, floor coatings and industrial coatings. The Minex® fillers have remarkable optical properties mainly due to their specific mineral structure.

The main new developments include application in transparent systems, and in water based primers with excellent insulating capacity. Siokal® continues to prove its excellent performance in industrial coatings, in the harshest environments.

Silbond® and Tremin® are silane-treated mineral fillers: they combine the advantages of the coupling agents with the intrinsic product-value.

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