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Sibelco has developed a unique know-how in the extraction and upgrading of silica sand and other mineral raw materials and became the world leader in this field: the result of teamwork, a long-term vision and a strong relationship of trust with our customers.

With their experience, dedication and expertise, our staff contribute every day to the further development of the company. Sibelco continues the tradition of a socially committed HR policy and stimulates personal initiative and responsibility.
Sibelco invests heavily in the future through the sustainable use of minerals and careful scientific research. Only in this way can we guarantee quality and continuity for our customers.

Sustainable development
Silica sand is a valuable raw material essential for the production of numerous everyday goods. For example, approximately 50 kg of silica sand is used in every car. Consequently, Quartz extraction is absolutely essential for our society. However, this cannot be at the expense of nature and the environment.

Sibelco has a tradition of mineral extraction with respect for nature. We already pay attention to the reuse of the site, the phased relaying and finishing of the quarries in the survey phase of a project. Sibelco is aware that the extraction of raw materials inevitably modifies the landscape. That is why, on each project, even at the preliminary study phase, a lot of care and attention is given to the end use of the land after mining is completed. Sibelco was awarded several prizes for this, such as one by the European Commission.