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Customer service
As from the beginning, Sibelco felt a great responsibility in the logistical services toward the customers. Finally this has result in an exceptional experience and know-how.

A motivated team of experts is daily available to give the best possible service. Every customer can count on the same attention and service. Our network of affiliated companies in the different countries and continents ensures that Sibelco is always perfectly informed of local circumstances and regulations.

Via the various branch organisations and daily contacts with the transport market, Sibelco has continually expanded and strengthened its customer focus. A win-win situation has been created by the approach of customers as partners. Sibelco offers you a complete solution for your product and its delivery. Logistics are always provided and carried out in the most efficient way.

In addition to the management of transport services in the broadest possible meaning, Sibelco also offers dispatch and forwarding activities. Our service package includes loading, storing and handling the goods, order picking and making the products ready for dispatch. Orders can be sent in a variety of ways. An automated stock management system guarantees fast, efficient and correct monitoring of your orders.